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Sword in the Stone

Sword in the StoneI was asked to produce props for a series of theme parties some years back. One of the party themes was “Knights of the Round Table”, and this sword was the main prop. The organizers wanted to have a box of prizes be given away to the one who could pull the sword from the stone, and so the idea was set.

I found a stone (approx. 100 lbs), and cut a slot through it. I then inserted the large sword, and clamped it underneath so without knowing the secret, the sword could not be removed.

As the “Knights of the Round Table” event progressed, almost every guy there tried to remove the sword while eyeing the treasure chest full of goodies. One-by-one they failed, and as the crowd’s enthusiasm rose and fell with each attempt, I noticed a little boy in full knight attire — be it a plastic Halloween costume — clinging to his mother’s gown. In my mind, it was time for a champion.

When only the flames of the torches supplied the light, I slipped over, tipped the boulder and removed the clamp. I then located the young man and struck up a conversation. I gently tried to persuade him to attempt the feat, but not until his mother suggested he’d try did he finally let go of her gown.

As he walked over to it he glanced back–still unsure–but his mother gave an approving nod. He grabbed the sword with both hands, straining, and with most of the adults watching, he lifted the sword out of the stone, pausing only to re-grip and complete the feat. The sword was about 6″ taller than the young man, however, the prizes were his and for the rest of the evening he was known as Sir Lancelot.