LighthouseCreation: Lighthouse
Medium: Copper, steel, glass
Year: 2009

Artist Statement: Some time back, my neighbor had just returned from a weekend at the coast and commented how she saw an art piece of a 3 foot tall copper lighthouse that she wanted. “It would have been beautiful in my front yard”, she said. But it was just too expensive for her budget. A light bulb went on (so to speak) and the gauntlet thrown down. I repurposed heavy gauge copper sheeting layered over a light, strong, steel frame. Individual copper roof tiles attached give it a natural shake roof look. Tinted, fused glass panels allow light from within to shine through. At about 3′ in diameter at the base and over 5′ tall, it is a bold piece that instills a sense of the coastal life that mariners have depended on for centuries.

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