Ship Hatch Table

Ship Hatch TableCreation: “Ship Hatch Table”
Medium: Wood, steel,
Year: 20xx

Artist Statement: I came across an old ship’s hatch. Through some investigations and given the apparent age of the wood, I concluded that it probably came from one of the many steam powered freighters that traveled up and down the coast from Mexico to Alaska around the turn of the century.

Although I have since developed a technique to making wood to look weathered, I thought that this particular piece should be sturdy, not too bulky, and allowed the top to be the focal point with a subtle and fitting frame for the era.

The circular ship scene is all hand bent and welded. The top is removable for transport. This particular piece is relatively large at about 30″ x 50″ and probably weights in at about 150 pounds. However, similar smaller versions could be created.

Availability: Similar creations and sizes available
Dimensions: Varies based on request
Price: Please contact for quote

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